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In the pursuit of a vibrant and healthy life, ReeLabs Wellness emerges as a pioneer, deeply rooted in understanding the intricacies of the human body. A subsidiary of ReeLabs, we’ve harnessed the profound expertise of our doctors and scientists to craft potent and proven solutions by seamlessly integrating powerful natural ingredients.

At ReeLabs Wellness, we firmly believe that genuine well-being commences at the very core of our existence, the cellular level. It is from this standpoint that our journey unfolds. Our unwavering commitment lies in harnessing the innate power of nature to elevate your overall health. To this end, we meticulously curate a diverse array of nutraceuticals products, all designed to optimize your well-being.

The Synergy of Science and Nature

Our foray into the realm of health and wellness was sparked by a simple yet profound realization: the true essence of a healthy and radiant life lies in the seamless harmony between science and nature. To materialize this vision, we have meticulously selected ingredients that are not only premium but also tailored to perfection. These ingredients, paired with cutting-edge scientific research, serve as the cornerstone of our product range.

Each and every one of our products is an outcome of rigorous and extensive research. Our stringent quality control processes ensure that only the best makes it to our consumers. We're not merely offering products; we're on a mission to deliver tangible results that you can both witness and experience.


Managing Director

Sunil H. Pophale, a seasoned entrepreneur and IIT Powai alum, engineered the evolution of Fem from a cosmetics gem to the publicly traded Fem Care Pharma in '94. His strategic finesse facilitated a remarkable exit in '08, delivering an impressive 20x return. Venturing into diverse arenas, Sunil invested in Andromeda and currently steers prominent entities like Cevitr in tech, Vadivarhe in specialty chemicals, Zenvision in pharmaceuticals, and ReeLabs in stem cell research. Under Sunil's guidance, these enterprises are distinct for their knowledge-centric approach and robust proprietary intellectual property. A deliberate departure from conventional industries, Sunil's ventures are strategically poised for substantial returns akin to Fem's historic success. With an eye for disruptive innovation and strategic investment, Sunil H. Pophale is reshaping industries and leaving an indelible mark on the business landscape. Expect nothing short of brilliance from this visionary entrepreneur.


Meet Dr. Rohit R. Kulkarni (M.D. Path), a trailblazer in the realm of healthcare and pathology. Armed with an M.D. in Pathology and a slew of distinctions from Mumbai University, his academic journey began at Terna Medical College in 2000. Notably, he secured the top spot in the University during his M.D. in Pathology. Dr. Kulkarni's scientific contributions extend globally, with presentations at prestigious events like the World Stem Cell Congress Summit in the USA and Stem Cell Congress in Korea. His clinical expertise stems from a three-year residency at T.N.M.C. & B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, covering diverse facets of pathology. Beyond academia, Dr. Kulkarni is the driving force behind a network of diagnostic centers, blood banks, and labs, including Pulse Diagnostic Centre, R.A. Labs, Joy Hospital Blood Center, and the pioneering ReeLabs Pvt. Ltd., where he serves as the Promoter and Medical Director. As a consulting pathologist, Dr. Kulkarni extends his expertise to Kiran Care & Cure Hospital and Shastri Medical Centre. With a rich tapestry of publications and a commitment to quality healthcare, Dr. Rohit R. Kulkarni stands as a key player at the intersection of medicine and entrepreneurship.



Dr. Abhijit Bopardikar (M.D. Path) is a multifaceted figure, embodying roles as a doctor, researcher, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur. As the owner of a extensive chain of Pathology labs, blood banks, and health centers in Mumbai, India, he has carved a niche in the healthcare landscape. Dr. Bopardikar is also the visionary behind ReeLabs Private Limited, a leading stem cell enterprise in Asia since 2009. With technology to bank over 100,000 samples from ten human sources, ReeLabs has treated 10,000+ cases using proprietary cellular technology. Pioneering clinical trials against COVID-19, including India's first stem cell-based trial, reflects Dr. Bopardikar's commitment to cutting-edge medical solutions. His involvement in authoring over 100 international publications and holding 9 patents underscores his intellectual prowess. Notably, he has launched the Golden Vial Anti-Ageing program, aiming to potentially reverse biological age by up to 20 years, and developed specialized human cell-based products for anti-ageing and hair-loss. Dr. Bopardikar's team is at the forefront of regenerative science, actively working on breakthroughs such as the 3-D Hair culture and expansion protocol. Holding distinguished positions as Joint Secretary in the Indian Society of Regenerative Science and the Federation of Bombay Blood Banks, he is a sought-after expert providing peer reviews and shaping regulations in cellular medicine. His keynote addresses in scientific conferences and numerous national and international awards reflect his significant contributions and innovations in regenerative medicine, bio-banking, and cellular medicine.

Welcome to the ReeLabs Wellness Family for the Path to Holistic Wellness

We cordially invite you to explore our extensive collection of nutraceuticals and cosmetic products. Each item is more than just a product; it’s an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being.

Step into the ReeLabs Wellness family, where the foundation of genuine well-being begins at the cellular level. Join us in unlocking the potential for optimal health, and let’s embark on this holistic wellness journey together. Your well-being is our utmost priority.

At ReeLabs Wellness, we firmly believe that genuine well-being commences at the very core of our existence, the cellular level. It is from this standpoint that our journey unfolds. .



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