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Reelabs Strong Bones – Bone, Cartilage & Joint Health

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  • Fast, Effective &  Clinically Proven*
  • Now with Collagen Peptides
  • Contains 30 sachets of 15 grams each.
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Introducing Strong Bones, your key to optimal joint health and improved mobility. Formerly known as OPOA, this Nutraceutical formulation is a powerhouse of scientifically chosen ingredients derived from food, precisely crafted to fortify your joints and elevate your overall well-being.

Now enhanced with Collagen Peptides, Strong Bones goes beyond the ordinary. These short-chain amino acids play a crucial role in caring for your skin, hair, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, and joints. With 30 sachets of 15 grams each, each serving is a potent boost of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support your joint health.

Benefits that Speak Volumes:

  • Strengthen and Flexibility: Collagen Peptides are the secret behind maintaining the strength and flexibility in your bones, skin, and hair, ensuring you feel vibrant and resilient.
  • Pre-Digested Protein: Say goodbye to absorption woes. Strong Bones offers pre-digested protein for superior absorption, maximizing the benefits for your body.
  • Joint Movement: Experience the ease of joint movement, empowering you to embrace an active and unrestricted lifestyle.
  • Healthy and Strong Bones: Strong Bones is your ally in the quest for bone health. It fortifies your bones, keeping them robust and resilient.
  • Side Effect-Free: Worried about side effects? Fear not. Strong Bones is formulated to provide unparalleled benefits without any unwanted side effects.

Recommended Intake for Your Best Self: Take charge of your health with a simple routine – two sachets per day. Follow the recommended intake or consult with your dietician or health practitioner for personalized advice. Strong Bones is a non-prescription product, putting the power of joint health in your hands.

Elevate your well-being with Strong Bones – because strong joints mean a stronger you. Act now, embrace vitality!


Shelf Life: 24 Months (from date of Mfg.)

Net Weight: 450 gm

Complete name and address of the Manufacturer/Packer/Importer:- ReeLabs Pvt. Ltd., 1st Floor, KK Chambers, Sir PT Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400001

Country of Origin: India

Additional information

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9 reviews for Reelabs Strong Bones – Bone, Cartilage & Joint Health

  1. Amit Doshi

    My mom has been taking their OPOA Supplement which is collagen peptides with some other stuff. It was recommended by a doctor to us. My mom was having severe pain while walking and climbing stairs. It was very difficult for her to climb stairs and walk.
    She started taking this supplement and noticed the results. It has worked wonders for her! She can now walk in the area and climb stairs and move around more freely.
    I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a try.
    It has been two years or more now since she has started taking these supplements.
    The owner Mr Dsouza is very kind and helpful.
    God bless him!!

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  2. Sarabjit Singh

    1 product
  3. Anagha Mudholkar

    I am a female age 59. I have had both knees replaced; the second one , just a few months ago. The second surgery was on right knee and was taking longer to heal than the first. There was soreness and stiffness in the right knee and right hip especially after a walk and after sitting for prolonged time . I started taking OPOA few weeks ago and I have experienced a lot of relief in the symptoms. The post walk period is getting a lot better and so is the stiffness. With this positive experience , I intend to continue taking OPOA for symptomatic and prophylactic benefit .
    I have also noticed an improvement in my facial skin texture, which is a bonus . A huge thanks to Ree Labs team for the product.

    1 product
  4. Sunita Ramnathkar

    My knees were in pain…I have been taking Strong Bones regularly, and it has really helped to ease the pain and improve flexibility in my knees.. I strongly recommend this for any joint pain.

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  5. Arun Venkataraman

    My daily exercise involves an 8km walk on a treadmill . At 68 years of age I often suffer from back, knee and long bone pain in my legs . On being introduced to “Strong Bones”by a friend I was initially a little skeptical to use this supplement as it is a known fact that cartilage, once synthesised does not have blood supply or lymphatic drainage, so movement of nutrition and waste is chiefly via the adjacent perichondrium-like fibrous membrane. Thus regeneration of cartilage is a slow process.
    On consuming even a low dose of only half a packet daily for 1 month,greatly improved my mobility, especially when climbing steps. The chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid in this supplement definitely helped subside the pain . What I disliked was the taste, had this been in tablet form I would be on it more regularly! It definitely helped me!

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  6. mahanand sharma

    As someone who values bone health, I recently had the opportunity to try Opoa, a product designed to promote strong bones. After incorporating it into my daily routine for a couple of months, I’m thrilled to share my experience with you.
    First and foremost, I must emphasize the remarkable results I’ve witnessed. Within just a couple of months of consistent use, I noticed a significant improvement in my overall bone strength and density. Activities that once caused discomfort or stiffness now feel
    Opoa: A Game-Changer for Bone Health

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  7. Kavita Singh

    Reelab wellness products are best like i have good experience about hair serum opoa for storng bone harmonies for irregular Period problm

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  8. <div class="apbct-real-user-wrapper"> <div class="apbct-real-user-author-name">Rohit Narayan</div> <div class="apbct-real-user-badge" onmouseover=" let popup = document.getElementById('apbct_trp_comment_id_148'); = 'inline-flex'; "> <div class="apbct-real-user-popup" id="apbct_trp_comment_id_148"> <div class="apbct-real-user-title"> <p class="apbct-real-user-popup-header">The Real Person!</p> <p class="apbct-real-user-popup-text">Author <b>Rohit Narayan</b> acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div>

    Great product, have seen significant improvement in my knee pain after using it

  9. <div class="apbct-real-user-wrapper"> <div class="apbct-real-user-author-name">Kashish Peswani</div> <div class="apbct-real-user-badge" onmouseover=" let popup = document.getElementById('apbct_trp_comment_id_147'); = 'inline-flex'; "> <div class="apbct-real-user-popup" id="apbct_trp_comment_id_147"> <div class="apbct-real-user-title"> <p class="apbct-real-user-popup-header">The Real Person!</p> <p class="apbct-real-user-popup-text">Author <b>Kashish Peswani</b> acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div>

    This drink is really good for bones & joints. I am consuming this from past 15 days & have recommended it to my family & friends also. You can surely go for this product.


Reelabs Strong Bones - Bone, Cartilage & Joint Health

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